Picture It! Podcast

Who is Jess?


Hi all! Thank you for checking out my podcast! I am a mom to three, grandma to two, a wild land fire fighter wife and a thyroid cancer survivor. In addition to those things I am an avid reader and WOW gamer.  For my work, I run my own business, and have been offering personal branding and family portrait services for over 20+ years now. I love to talk with others, love to hear their stories. Many times when we share our stories, we don't realize the blessings that might bring to others who are looking for answers only our stories can inspire or provide. This podcast is all about real people, real stories... and I would love for you to come spend some time with me and my friends and listen in. If you'd like to come on as a guest please DM me on the platform of your choice about it!.


The Picture It! Podcast is a weekly podcast where Jess and friends come in and share experiences from their years in business, the life experiences that have shaped who they are today and more. All with the intent of helping you take a look at the situations in your life.. picture it, then flip the script… reframe it and regain your power moving forward. Its all about real people, having real conversations, about real situations. The goal is to inspire community over competition, expand on our understanding and ability to have and show more love, understanding and empathy for others.